Window Support


Our key features for windows support:

  • Support for legacy operating systems like Windows 98/Me/2000
  • Support for legacy hardware devices like Floppy drives/old printers etc.
  • Assistance in upgrading from legacy OS to a newer/latest OS version
  • Re-installation of OS
  • Upgrade to different version of Windows
  • Repair blue screen error messages
  • Repair .dll or other startup messages related to Windows.
  • Configuring firewalls
  • Configuring security software
  • Configuring ports on routers etc. to enhance security
  • Network setup
  • Parental control setup
  • Support for configuring Windows defender and other security software
  • Wireless Setup

If you have any issues relating to software, hardware, driver, scanner-any issues regarding HP products,

Call us at 1-800-596-1571 our 24/7 customer service and have your issues fixed.