Free Diagnostic Service


Is your computer giving you a headache? Is it crashing or hanging in the middle of a running application? This is not the time to ponder over it; calling our helpline or visiting our website could prove to be a much fruitful option. You can without a second thought, trust our Certified Engineers who are ready to help you fix your computer problems at an incredible price. We give promising solutions related to your computer problems. Our dynamic tech support is the best at scrutinizing the issues and giving the best solutions for network problems, VPN problems, setting up OS Repair, server problems, black screens, virus removals, upgrades, printer sharing or local sharing of devices to terminal servers. We provide free diagnostics for:

We also offer package that include full diagnosis of the problem and complete solutions covering:

  • Examining and removal of PC freezes, slow performance & all the internet related problems
  • Optimization of computer performance
  • Support for various printer errors
  • Repair of Operating system issues
  • Configuration of dangerous patches and upgrades
  • SPs including AOL, SBC Yahoo, MSN, Verizon and so on
  • Major antivirus software such as Norton, McAfee, Panda, AVG and more
  • Browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Chrome and more
  • Overall PC health.

If you have any issues relating to software, hardware, driver, scanner-any issues regarding HP products,

Call us at 1-800-596-1571 our 24/7 customer service and have your issues fixed.